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Congratulations to WD News and Stewart Esh for the 146th birthday of the Camperdown Chronicle. CDHS has an actual front page of the first edition, 1st October, 1874, in our collection. We also have a photocopied and framed version expertly preserved for posterity. 
It says a lot about the strength of our community that our local paper is still going and still supported during this difficult time of Covid19. With no local sport to report and not much happening anywhere it cant be easy. Good work!Image attachment

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That was my first job. Worked with Jacqueline Hardy. Neil Baglin was my boss. Left in 1966 to get married.

My family and ancestors have had a relationship with the Camperdown Chronicle since at least 1879 on the Rose side and much earlier on the Hill's side. Well done and something very special should be done for 150 years!

Interesting Harvey O'Neill . . .

Were you around then Margot Angus?

Well, these should be the right names! They came from Janet Phipps (now Fitzgerald) whose mother wrote on the back of the photograph. Dean Brown filled in some of the first names for us. If anyone has any corrections of the picture and names below, lets know!
Thanks everyone for your interest and help with this.Image attachment

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Great photo

Tony Esh

Did you go to Camperdown State School? Were you in Prep Grade in 1966? Heres a photo sent to us by Tony Esh with some of the names, and hed really like some help in filling in the blanks. 
Of course, we said wed be happy to put it on Facebook and see whether we can get the complete set. 
Now its over to you .....Image attachment

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Donna McErvale next to Vicki Morgan

Alister King

Jenny Teal

Check Camperdown High School group

The girl next to Philip Brown could be Leanne Deneraux, most likely not correct spelling πŸ˜‚ but pronounced Deneray. Is the boy next to her Scott Montgomery.

Dean Brown next to Gary Milne(apprentice jockey of the year some time later?)

Mrs Gibb and her husband used to run the picture theatre and we used to get tickets to go to movies at the end of term

38 students, most learnt . LOL

I wasnt there yet πŸ™„

I always thought that Barry Jenkins and Vicki Londrigan were a grade below . I know they were in some mixed grades. I don,t remember them starting high school at the same time. They could have went to the Tec. ????

Phil Russell.... Tags.... your it 🀣

Verna Regan

Ken Wynd Colin Wynd Lauren Wynd

Vicki Fitzgerald

4th row----Boy?, Russell Cook, Philip Russell , Paul Jackson, Greg Roser, Brian Monloney, Gary Milne, Dean Brown, Wayne Grinham,

Mrs Gibb must have filled in. Because our Teacher in preps was Miss Clements she was married that year. She was thin, tall with long black hair.

2nd row---Julie Henry, Alistair King, Boy? , Scott Montgomery , Leanne Deneraux, Philip Brown , Douglas Pain, Peter Skelton, Girl?, Boy ?

3rd row----Andrew Daffy, Tony Esh, Ross Mahoney, David Anderson, Vanessa Kelly, Karen Ailey, David Cable, Wayne Jolly, Robert Whitewood.

First row left , sitting girls, Maria Podger ( Vansomeren) , Jenny Foster ( Teal), Keryn Clementson ( Fox), Vicki Morgan ( Fitzgerald), Donna McErvale, Susan Lake, Susan Kennedy, Jenny Hayhoe, Janet Phipps ( Fitzgerald ) , Girl?

Her memoirs, written at the age of 92, are filled with interesting snippets of information:
For our schooling, Edna and I had to walk up to Talindert School for about six months, then the people applied for a local school, which was eventually built. They did not know what to name it; someone suggested we were in Heytesbury Shire, so why not name it that. Finally, someone suggested Tesbury, as the last part of the Shire name.
Is this new information about the name of Tesbury? And is it correct?
Sadly we have no pics of Tesbury School but the picture below is the earliest we have of Talindert School No.3644, taken in 1931. Two VERY well dressed lads at the back, with collars and ties, and one even with a handkerchief tucked in his top pocket.

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Bruce and Cheryl, what fo you think? Bill Fisher would have been there too.

Looks like her in the centre row 3rd from left.

I went to Talindert school for about six months during the early years of the war, Mr Charles Gore was the teacher. My Father joined up and we rented a house in Camperdown for the duration of the war plus some 10 years.Meryl FISHER

Lyndell Jacka Kerrin Jacka this is so wonderful

I think you're right Carole. You look just like Thelma. Little cutie πŸ’ž Love the boy with a flower in his lapel.

I’m wondering if that’s Thelma McGill (Fisher) on the right, third row , wearing long white socks . Looks very like her and she would have been 11 in that year.

Amazing, wonderful history.

Brenda Willis

Video image

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Janelle Bean-Thornton

Wonderful memories, thank you for sharing Sue Cole. Love hearing people’s life stories. Great idea Camperdown & District Historical Society, look forward to more of these πŸ˜€

Alice Doreen Jacka (nee Emerson) begins five pages of fascinating writing like this: 
I was asked to write the story of my life when I turned ninety – that was two years ago. I’ve now finally got around to it…
Heres a snippet about her music lessons which began when she was about thirteen years old: 
I learnt (piano) from Miss Jenny Peters (sic), a wonderful teacher, and I would practise every afternoon. I passed all my music and theory exams: we had to go down by train to Colac for those. An examiner came out from London as it was London College of Music exams that we sat for. 
The pictures show young Alice at her Music graduation in 1926 and, in 1928 with her younger sister Edna and her husband-to-be, Arthur Jacka.Image attachment

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I remember Doreen and Arthur very well. Doreen was a very nice lady. She had a son Hadyn. From memory Arthur and Doreen lived in a cream brick house in Wright Street .

Kerrin Jacka I tried to tag Dell too, but couldn’t. I remember your grandparents so well!

My sister has Mrs Jacka’s piano

Ann Body

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